What we do

What we do

Stakeholder engagement and change management

Identifying and effectively working with those who have a stake in your business, program or project are imperative to a successful and sustainable outcome. This is particularly important when you are trying to effect behavioural or cultural change – it’s one of those things everyone thinks they can do but very few do well. We have an outstanding track record in sophisticated and empathetic stakeholder engagement. From local community members, residents, customers and patients through to elective representative and board members, Tessellate can work with you plan and activate positive and meaningful engagement to get the results you need.

Program evaluation and research

“Are we there yet?” It’s a common catch-cry, but program outcomes are not always as easy to see as the sea appearing on the horizon. How do you know if you’ve done well? Have you met or exceeded expectations? Or fulfilled your contractual obligations? Tessellate consultants are experienced in designing and undertaking program and project research and evaluation, including Needs Assessments. We work with you through iterative stages of planning, data collection, data analysis, documentation and review. We apply a multi-method approach to collect and analyse quantitative and rich qualitative data from internal stakeholders and resources, as well as external communities and stakeholders. We use quantitative and qualitative methods such as face to face meetings, facilitated workshops, on-line surveys, targeted focus groups, yarning circles, literature and thematic reviews. Importantly, we use a range of best practice research methodologies, and have extensive experience in data governance and obtaining ethics approvals, where required.

System, technology and process design, integrations and implementation

Tessellate provides clients with extensive practical, and pragmatic information systems and technology, process improvement, business integration experience and knowledge, and project/program management. Director Programs and Research, Dr Tonia de Bruin, has extensive experience leading the preparation of system related documentation including business cases, business and systems requirements, process and customer mapping, technical specifications, use case development and testing, change control and change management.

Organisational performance framework design and review

For any organisation, program or project, an effective performance framework with meaningful key performance indicators, monitoring and reporting is vital to keeping your organisation relevant and on track. Our experience across government – as well as in major programs – has given us extensive insight on setting you up to succeed.

Educational resources and training

Tessellate consultants have extensive experience as practitioners and researchers in the field of business management having consulted to national and state governments departments and agencies, as well as private sector and not-for-profit organisations. This includes working with organisations to train internal resources to grow their own capability, particularly in the areas of developing program logics and impact assessment frameworks. In addition, Tessellate consultants have worked with organisations to develop relevant educational resources particularly adapted for the Australian curriculum.

Facilitation and capability building

Sometimes you just need someone from outside to provide a fresh set of eyes and an independent viewpoint. Tessellate consultants are experienced group facilitators who have provided independent facilitation services in a variety of contexts, from major transport infrastructure and urban renewal projects to business strategy development meetings. We firmly believe in mentoring and supporting executives and their staff to grow and develop internal capability. In addition, Louise Litchfield is a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

Impact management

Our specialist associate’s approach to impact management is based on a program logic model, which is used as a strategic management tool for supporting project and organisational goals. The approach focuses on the process of creating impact by deploying inputs to conduct relevant program or project activities to produce outputs, which are then used to catalyse short to medium term outcomes leading to long term impact.

Creative services

In the marketplace, creative is the only variable, and brand is more important than ever before. At Tessellate, we want our clients projects, programs, initiatives and services to stand out. Our marketing and creative team provide innovative visual communications materials that are designed to ensure maximum traction and cut-through with audiences. We are able to provide all digital and print requirements from websites, corporate publications, fact sheets, exhibition displays, animations, video, photography and much more. This is not only beneficial for speed to market, it also enables consistency from end-to-end.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community engagement

As strong advocates of the “not about us without us” approach, Tessellate directors have strong and positive relationships with a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned organisations, Elders and community leaders. We can facilitate and support your organisation to work with community to deliver creative and inclusive cultural engagement through connections with key Indigenous stakeholders.