Thematic analysis of Impact Statements

Case Study

Thematic analysis of Impact Statements

A large semi-government organisation commissioned us to demonstrate the value of the projects being undertaken and their relevance to the organisation’s strategic plan through:

  • Thematic analysis of each project’s impact statements to identify six to ten impact areas
  • Development of draft aggregated impact statements for the identified impact areas
  • Identification of scale and reach, as well as which sectors, end-users, beneficiaries and total value associated with identified impact areas
  • Comparison of projects linked to impact statements and claimed intra and inter business unit collaboration, including determination of validity of stated collaboration
  • Based on available data, consideration and initial design of a dashboard which could be developed to provide fast, useful information about impacts statements to research directors
  • Development of communication plans for both research directors and the business unit executive teams.

To undertake this project, Tessellate Communication:

  • Liaised with relevant staff for copies of relevant support documents and access to required data
  • Reviewed existing documentation relevant to the impact statements and the performance framework
  • Review and provide a detailed analysis of the relevant data contained in organisational databases
  • Prepared a report based on the above, including communication and stakeholder analysis.

This project was successfully delivered, enabling the organisation to effectively and strategically understand and manage the successes and gaps in their impact statements.

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