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Stakeholder research

North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) Internal and External Stakeholder Survey

In 2011, Tessellate Communication (as North Partners) was engaged to undertake both internal and external stakeholder surveys to evaluate the perception of the organisation.

In April 2011, we were engaged to conduct a series of surveys with NQBP’s key stakeholders to gather independent data on NQBP’s performance over 2010/2011. Contact details for 106 out of NQBP’s 400 stakeholders were provided. The surveys were conducted by phone for up to 30 minutes duration.

The key outcomes generated from this research included:

  • A summary of stakeholders opinions (positive, negative, neutral) of NQBP and their relationship with the corporation.
  • A detailed analysis of both NQBP’s successes as an organisation, and areas requiring improvement.
  • A written report and board presentation detailing this summary and analyses.
  • Based on the success of this stakeholder survey, NQBP engaged us to undertake the survey again in 2014 to enable them to track changes in opinion over a longer period.

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